étuve de vieillissement / à rouleaux / électrique / en inox



  • Fonction:

    de vieillissement

  • Configuration:

    à rouleaux

  • Source de chaleur:


  • Autres caractéristiques:

    en inox, numérique

  • Température maximale:

    600 °F (316 °C)


Roller Ovens provide an excellent method of aging fluid samples for further analysis.
Temperature Range: 600℉ (320℃),2 unit cells ,650Watts
Digital temperature controller and Protection against over-temperature

RIGCHINA Roller Oven has two power-driven rollers, a digital temperature controller, and a fail-safe over-temperature protection system.It provides an excellent method of aging fluid samples for further analysis. High-Temperature Aging Cells containing sample fluids are placed in the roller oven where they are subjected to moderate heat and agitation (rolling) on power driven rollers. Samples may also be heated without rolling (static aging). These Roller Ovens are constructed of polished stainless steel and other corrosion resistant materials. They are well insulated and the temperature is regulated by a digital electronic controller. An internal circulation fan assures an even temperature distribution throughout the oven.
Drilling fluid aging is the process in which a drilling fluid sample, previously subjected to a period of shear, is allowed to more fully develop its rheological and filtration properties. The time period needed to more fully develop properties varies from as little as several hours (usually18 to 24 hours) to as much as several days. The aging can be done at either ambient or elevated temperatures