Novakon Co., Ltd.

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Design and Manufacture in Taiwan - Excellent Quality

NOVAKON is the professional HMI solution provider, offering products with proven track of records in various industries and vertical applications, devoted to create a reliable and flexible interface that connects your facilities or business environments to the Industrial IoT ecosystem.

Nos valeurs

Enrichment & Experience

With over two decades of research and development, production and sales in the HMI industry, NOVAKON marks the birth of a premiere series of HMI experiences; the first of its class.

Arts & Technology

Driven by the importance of user experience, NOVAKON reached far and wide to bring together both cutting edge technology and inspiring design concepts. With its intuitive interface, NOVAKON aims to connect human to machine, art to technology.

Intuition & Feel

The easy-to-use interface enhances user experience by providing straightforward and intuitive ways of operating the machine.

Vision & World

NOVAKON products are the most attractive in the market with a textured look pushing the horizon for a new generation of HMIs. We focus on developing user experience to ultimately set a new standard for HMIs.

Quality & Value

In addition to the powerful features and high performance, there maintains an elegant aspect to the user interface. We guarantee reliability and quality of the product, and we are committed to continuing to create more values for user experience.


NOVAKON specialized in the software development, hardware design and manufacturing of Human-Machine Interface (HMI). With over two decades of experience in providing solutions in various vertical applications, we also offer customization services in both HMI/SCADA visualization software and HMI/Panel PC to be best suited to different demands and all kinds of scenarios, in which our customers operate.

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