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    HAST, de vieillissement


12.Comply with IEC60068-2-66; JESD22-A102-C; JESD22-A110-B; JESD22-A118; GB/T 2423.40-1997 and other specifications.
13. Waterway switchboard separation technology to prevent waterway failures from affecting the circuit system.
14.Customized product racks can be customized according to product status (free)
15. The use of internationally renowned brand components, low operating noise, superior performance.
16.With 60 seconds of sampling, 250 days of real-time curve sampling and historical data storage are guaranteed; the sampling rate can be set arbitrarily from 3 seconds to an hour.
17. Multi-segment safety protection device: Over-temperature and over-pressure protection during the whole test, the ultra-high temperature protection inside the first stage instrument. The second stage instrument the internal humidifier , water shortage and anti-dry protection, high pressure protection, water tank water shortage alarm power off. The first stage humidification tube limit temperature protection, the second stage ultra-high pressure protection, the third stage emergency pressure relief protection, manual pressure relief protection automatic pressure relief; leakage short-circuit box door closing abnormal protection, fault alarm failure cause and elimination method display, warning light And buzzer alarm prompts.