chambre d'essai d'étanchéité à la poussière / en inox



  • Type:

    d'étanchéité à la poussière

  • Options et accessoires:

    en inox

  • Volume:

    500 l (132 gal)


Controller features:
1.5.7-inch true color touch thin screen (64K colors), resolution: 640 × 480
2. Two control methods: setting/program
3.Sensor type: PT100
4.Output mode: PID control output / 4-20mA analog output (1-5V) / (0-10V) can be arbitrarily selected;
5.Control output signal: a.8 switch auxiliary control signal (IS, T, AL control signal); b. 10 switch signal relay output as standard (optional 20 relays)
6.Temperature measurement error ± 0.2 ° C
7.Special features: blowing dust, vibration, vacuum;
8.Communication interface (optional RS232/RS485, the longest distance of communication is 1.2km [optical fiber can reach 30km]);
9.Interface language type: Chinese / English
10Program setting: 120 groups of programs can be set, each group can set up to 100 groups;
11.The product display is clear and intuitive, the programmable control system is flexible and convenient to operate, and the performance is stable and more efficient.

Standards compliant:
The Sand Dust Test Chamber has a wide temperature and humidity adjustment control range, which can meet the national standard GB4208GB/T2423.37-198
"Basic Environmental Test Procedures for Electrical and Electronic Products"