chambre d'essai d'étanchéité à la poussière / de température / environnementale / d'humidité



  • Type:

    de température, environnementale, d'humidité, d'étanchéité à la poussière


Product Usage:
The sand dust test box is suitable for dustproof and dustproof tests on various auto parts. The test parts include lamp, instrument, electric dust cover, steering system, door lock and so on.
1.The liner is made of SUS304 stainless steel.
2.The outer casing is galvanized steel.
3.Test box door with observation window, with wiper
4.The bottom of the test chamber is in the shape of a funnel to facilitate the collection of talc powder for the experiment.
5.Using a circulating fan and an automatic jar to blow the talc into the upper part of the working chamber through a 75 micron square hole mesh, and promote the test space to form a high density dust mist, and test the sample.
6.Use the TAIAN time controller (SG2-10HR-A) which is made in Taiwan to control the dust blowing, lighting and vibration cycle.
Controller features:
1.5.7-inch true color touch thin screen (64K colors), resolution: 640 × 480
2. Two control methods: setting/program
3.Sensor type: PT100
4.Output mode: PID control output / 4-20mA analog output (1-5V) / (0-10V) can be arbitrarily selected;
5.Control output signal: a.8 switch auxiliary control signal (IS, T, AL control signal); b. 10 switch signal relay output as standard (optional 20 relays)
6.Temperature measurement error ± 0.2 ° C
7.Special features: blowing dust, vibration, vacuum;
8.Communication interface (optional RS232/RS485, the longest distance of communication is 1.2km [optical fiber can reach 30km]);
9.Interface language type: Chinese / English
10Program setting: 120 groups of programs can be set, each group can set up to 100 groups;