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chambre d'essai en inox / UV chambre d'essai en inox / UV


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UVB-313 Lamp: UVB-313 The short-wavelength UV light emitted by the lamp is stronger than the sun's ultraviolet rays normally applied to the Earth's surface, which can accelerate the aging of the material to a greater extent. However, the lamp may cause unrealistic damage to certain materials. It is mainly used for quality control and research and development, or for running tests on materials with extremely high weather resistance.
UVA-340 lamp: The UVA-340 lamp is excellent for simulating short-wavelength UV light in sunlight, from 365 nm to the sun's cut-off point of 295 nm.
UVA-351 Lamp: Simulates sunlight through the window glass, which is most effective for aging the material in the test chamber.
(All the above lamps are imported lamps originally from the United States)
The biggest difference between the fluorescent UV accelerated aging test chamber and other domestic brands is that the energy during the whole test is controllable and automatically adjusted. It is well known that the energy of the test process is the most important factor causing the aging of polymer materials. In order to ensure the reproducibility and comparability of test results, ultraviolet light energy is a very important technical index. We use the principle similar to the sun's eye to automatically monitor the energy

value of the test process. When the aging of the lamp does not reach the energy value set by the test, the system can automatically monitor and automatically replenish it immediately.

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