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chambre d'essai de développement chambre d'essai de développement


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BST (Black panel thermometer)consists of a PT100 sensor and a metal panel painted by black coating, and be exposed to the same condition as test panels. It’s used to monitor exposuring test panels surface temperature during test. BST can be set any value according to different requirements and also be controlled automatically during the whole test. It also can be calibrated periodically.

◆ Confirms to many test standards. Operator can set different program freely.

According to different standards or test methods, operator can edit different test programs. For each program, it can be set as 10 segments, and each segment can set different work conditions(four types: Irradiation, water spray, condensation and finish)as well as relevant test parameters.

BUV can permit operator to edit six test programs at most and save it permanently. Generally speaking, if the operator has set and saved one program in the BUV, for next test, if he still use this same program, just choose this program and run BUV directly, no need to set again.

◆ Controlled by touch screen with friendly windows, user can check any parameter during test

BUV all controllings and showings are finished by a high definition colorful touch screen. Menu operation interface is very convenient for operator to use and maintain BUV. During the working, all parameters are show on the touch screen.

◆ Real-time collect and store data, all testing data can be converted EXCEL format automatically and be saved.

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