chambre d'essai de température / avec lampe à arc au xénon



  • Type:

    de température

  • Options et accessoires:

    avec lampe à arc au xénon


Xenon lamp weathering test chamber Can set andcontrol automatically many test parameters

◆Xenon Lamp Chamber Irradiance energy can be set and accurately controlled(340nm or 420nm or 300nm~400nm). The "Solar Eye" control system can monitor and automatically compensate the change of light intensity caused by ageing or other factors.
◆ Working room temperature, BPT(black panel temperature)and BST(black standard temperature)can be set and controlled automatically. With high precision Pt 100 temperature sensor, all these temperatures could be moitored accurately.
◆ Working room relative humidity can be set and controlled automatically. With ultrasonic wave humidifying system, the working room can obtain more stable and uniformhumidity distribution.

◆ Xenon lamp aging test chamber Can set spray way to sample(front spray orback spray),spray time and spray interval time.

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Xenon Lamp Weathering Test Chamber