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    avec lampe à arc au xénon


Xenon lamp test chamber Powerful functions and reliable test results

◆ Xenon lamp weathering test chamber Meet with all international standards of xenon test.
◆ Xenon Lamp Weathering chamber Equipped with ATLAS xenon arc lamp , filter and components, ensure to get high and same running parameters. Test results have a good reliability and repeatability comparing with import machines.
◆ Automatic rotating drum-type sample rack with three floors structuremaximizes exposure uniformity over all specimens
◆ 6,500cm exposure area , can hold different shapes and sizes samples.
◆ Can set the cumulative energy (total irradiance energy)obtained by sample to finish a test procedure.
◆ Advanced cooling system for xenon lamp and intelligent air system.

◆ Chinese or English operation window

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Xenon Lamp Weathering Test Chamber