chambre d'essai climatique / avec lampe à arc au xénon

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    avec lampe à arc au xénon


Xenon lamp weathering test chamber Simple, easy touse

◆ Xenon lamp weathering test chamber Colorful touch screen and user-friendly operation interface allow operator to set the test parameters and monitor it easily.
◆ The test procedures can be programmed freely; and up to 16 predetermined procedures can be saved in one time. Every procedure includes up to 10 segments setting data.
◆ With USB interface, operator can export any test parameters with Excel format at anytime, convenient to check B-SUN’s running status at any time.

◆ Pure(deionized)water machine is optional.With high purity water, operator can get a more reliable testing result,Chamber has alarm function for monitoring water.

Xenon lamp weathering test chamber Safe and reliable

◆ Xenon lamp weathering test chamber Many alarm protections:Big irradiance difference, water conductivity is over limits, too high temperature of cooling water, too low flow rate of cooling water, over-temperature, heating problem. B-SUN will stop running automatically and show the alarm information in the operation window.
◆ Can select TCP/IP Ethernet interface, the user can tele-control the machine through TCP/IPinternet.

Convenient to help customers to slove all problems and do some necessary after service

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Xenon Lamp Weathering Test Chamber