chambre d'essai de vieillissement / de table / avec lampe à arc au xénon / en inox



  • Type:

    de vieillissement

  • Options et accessoires:

    en inox, de table, avec lampe à arc au xénon


Bench-top Xenon lamp aging test chamber Characters

◆The test procedures of Bench-top Xenon lamp aging test chamber can be programmed freely; and upto 16 predetermined procedures can be saved in one time. Every procedureincludes up to 10 segments setting data.
◆Bench-top Xenon accelerated aging test chamber Can set the cumulative energy (total irradiance energy)obtained by sample to finish a testprocedure.
◆ With spray function, can set spray time and sprayinterval time.
◆The xenon light source correspond with internationalstandards; ensure reproducibility and comparability of testing results.
◆ Irradiance energy can be accurately controlled.The "Sun Eye" control system can automaticallycompensate the change of light intensity caused by ageing or other factors.
◆ Users can easily calibrate and adjust the irradiance orthe blackboard temperature by themselves.
◆ With High precision Pt100 Temperaturesensor. Blackboard temperature is auto-controlled during the whole process
◆ Alarm function for protection:Over temperature, over heating load,bigerror for irradiance, auto shut-down protection when opening door.
◆ Touch screen and user-friendly operation interface allowoperator to set the test parameters and monitor all the test processeasily.
◆ Specimen mounting and evaluation is fast and easy Withunique slide-out specimen tray

◆ Real-time data can be collected and recorded. Theincidental USB connector allow users to copy the test data into a USB drive,achieving unattended operation.

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