chambre d'essai d'établi / avec lampe à arc au xénon

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chambre d'essai d'établi / avec lampe à arc au xénon chambre d'essai d'établi / avec lampe à arc au xénon - SM-865
  • Chambre d'essai d'établi / avec lampe à arc au xénon


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    d'établi, avec lampe à arc au xénon


Bench-top xenon lamp test chamber
Small, simple and economic Bench-top xenon lamp weathering test chamber. It uses a low power air-cooling xenon lamp to produce enough big irradiance energy in a small space. Moreover, through a special catoptrical system to ensure every exposure sample get the homogeneous irradiance distribution.
Equipped with extended UV filters, thus permit UV which is below the normal cut-on of natural sunlight to pass(equal to simulate sunlight which doesn’t come through atmosphere).They are used to produce faster or more severe test results. This test is called as “Artificial Accelerated Weathering Test”

Bench-top xenon lamp weathering test chamber Artificial weathering of coatings or exposure of coatings to filtered xenon-arc radiationis carried out in order to obtain the degree of change in a selected property after a certain radiant exposure H, and/or the radiant exposure which is required to produce a certain degree of ageing. The properties selected for monitoring should preferably be those which are important for the practical useof the coatings. The properties of the coatings exposed are compared which those of unexposed coating prepared from the same coating materials at the same time and in the same way (control specimens)or with those of coatings exposed at the same time whose behavior during testing in exposure apparatus is already known (reference specimens).
Xenon Lamp light can emulate the effect of sunshine. During the test, radiation energyand temperature are controllable.These tests generally applied in the fields of paint and coatings, automotive industry,plastic, wood, glue, etc…

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Xenon Lamp Weathering Test Chamber