chambre d'essai de choc thermique

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chambre d'essai de choc thermique chambre d'essai de choc thermique - SM-200-2P-A
  • Chambre d'essai de choc thermique


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    de choc thermique


Thermal shock test chamber Briefly introduction:
Thermal shock test chamber system structure can be divided into two parts. Namely, high temperature tank (preheating zone), cryogenic tank (pre-cooling zone).

Thermal shock test chamber Testing principle
Two-zone Thermal Shock Test Chamber Testing principle mainly through controlling the portable basket (test samples District) to quickly move between cryogenic tank and high temperature tank to achieve rapid thermal shock test. The whole testing process test samples along with mobile gondola to move together. The test chaber is suitable for the examination of the whole set of products, components, parts and materials subjected to rapid changes in temperature. The temperature impact test chamber are used in a shortest time to evaluate the test samples due to thermal expansion and contraction caused by the changes of chemical or physical damage.

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Thermal shock test chamber