chambre de test de température / de choc thermique

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chambre de test de température chambre de test de température
  • Chambre de test de température


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    de température, de choc thermique


Sanwood have 13 process and 5 times quality control to ensure the accurate control of all details for the Two Zone Thermal Shock Chamber,Two Zone Thermal Shock Test Chamber,Thermal Shock Test Chamber,Thermal Shock Chamber,Three Zone Thermal Shock Test Chamber
Electronic expansion valve for throttle device
Active control of the refrigeration system is achieved, and the fixed proportional adjustment of the original thermal expansion valve is not controllable. Adjust and optimize the output for different modes and conditions
The electronic control valve's cycle control feedback front end is a temperature-pressure double-sensor high-response direct control that provides optimum evaporator supply, enabling the refrigeration system to achieve excellent cooling capacity output over a wider operating range.
Energy-saving: The full range of self-adjustment of the electronic expansion valve + active adaptation to adjust the cooling capacity output, making the system more energy efficient.

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Thermal shock test chamber