vanne papillon / pneumatique / d'arrêt / pour eau chaude



  • Type:


  • Actionnement:


  • Fonction:


  • Media:

    pour eau chaude, pour huile, pour acide, pour bases, pour carburant, pour vapeur, pour CO2

  • Corps:

    wafer, type lug, revêtue en PFA, en acier inoxydable, en fonte, en PTFE, en EPDM

  • Applications:

    pour applications de process

  • Autres caractéristiques:

    simple effet, à double effet

  • DN:

    Max: 300 mm

    Min: 25 mm


Fast and reliable configuration of automated process valves

From manually operated to automated process valves, the new configurator for process valves from Festo makes selecting the optimum solution child's play. Simply select a few parameters and the configurator will immediately suggest appropriate combinations, making engineering in the process industry fast, reliable and easy.

Configurated process valve units are tailored and ready-to-install, all components are perfectly matched: butterfly valves, quarter turn actuators, pilot valves, sensor boxes, positioners, adapter kits and hand levers. Whatever you are looking for, whether it is the ease of manually actuated combinations, a unit with pilot valves and a sensor box, or a unit with a positioner, you simply choose the required parameters in the input menu and the configurator suggests the right solutions.

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