séparateur magnétique à tambour / de particules / pour sable de quartz
LIMS Wet Drum Metso Corporation



  • Technologie:

    magnétique à tambour

  • Élément séparé:

    de particules, pour sable de quartz

  • Largeur:

    Min: 1 771 mm

    Max: 4 818 mm

  • Taille de filtration:

    Min: 74 µm

    Max: 8 000 µm


Metso Minerals have a long tradition in magnetic
separation. Already in the end of the 19th century
the first magnetic separator was manufactured.
Low Intensity Magnetic Separators
Metso Minerals LIMS, Low Intensity Magnetic Separators,
recover ferro-magnetic ores to produce pre-concentrates
or concentrates.
The separators are available with three different tank
designs using a common magnetic drum assembly. Two
of the tanks are designed to enable easy multi-stage
The magnetic system allows for very high loading with
excellent selectivity at highest recovery, which reduces
the number of units required. Fewer machines means
less maintenance, lower capital and operating costs.